So I’ve had this scar on my shoulder for as long as I can remember. I’ve even asked my mom about if she knew where it came from and she said that she didn’t know and I might have just been born with it or something? 

In any case, we’ve (twistedreflections and I) come to understand that it’s connected to B in some manner. We don’t know what the symbol is though, and I don’t… really know where to look?

Is there anyone that recognizes it in some way?

  1. spongeofmalphas answered: Ask Lumin?
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    I’ve shared quite a bit about myself as well on my blog as far as personal experiences and UPG. I actually have a good...
  3. ladyvincira answered: If you go on and read back in my blog, it’ll give you a pretty good idea on what I’m going through. =) Appreciate the comments.
  4. creation-shift answered: Scary stuff. I have a scar too. On my right hip. I wasn’t born with it and remember receiving it distinctly. (cont.)
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    If anyone has any idea or inkling, please toss it his way.