So my fiancée and I are going to be getting into the business of casting and making ears,  head/ear fins, and horns for cosplayers, but we also wanted to offer our services to otherkin and therians as well, since we are also otherkin. We haven’t started getting materials yet, but we intend to do custom casts as well. We’d like to even lay hair on things like wolf and cat ears. 

With material costs and whatnot, we’re thinking we could do $10-20 for these, prices varying on size and complexity. 

This project is still going to be a few months off in setting up since we need to get the money to get the materials, but I wanted to post this up so that people who are interested in something could possibly contact us, that way once we have the materials, we can cast those right away. 

If anyone has any questions about this, feel free to message us and ask!

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